Evangelist Ken Ham Inspires SCS Audiences in Defense of Creationism

By Mary Maselli

Ken Ham 002

KEN HAM defends Creationism at SCS. Photo by Angelica Oommen

“The Bible is not just a religious book, it’s a historical book as well.” This is the unyielding stance that Ken Ham continues to take concerning to the Creationism v. Evolution debate. Mr. Ham is a Young Earth Creationist and Evangelist who recently went head-to-head with self-professed evolutionist, Bill Nye “The Science Guy.” Over three million watched in awe as both men presented their facts, defending their claims.

Mr. Ham has dedicated his life to spreading God’s Truth, and does so by serving as the President/CEO/founder of an organization called “Answers in Genesis.” Its goal is to “bring reformation by reclaiming the foundations of our faith which are found in the Bible, from the very first verse,” according to the website, Answersingenesis.org.

Mr. Ham delivered a presentation on how ‘Science Confirms the Bible’ in the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle sanctuary. In the morning of Friday, Sept. 19, all kindergarten through sixth graders met in the sanctuary to discuss the existence of dinosaurs. It was evident that Mr. Ham knew how to relate to his audience; everyone loves dinosaurs!

Later that day, all secondary students gathered and viewed an informative presentation about the plethora of scientific evidence that supports the validity of the Bible. Among the audience that day was SCS Superintendent, Pastor Erdvig. There were a total of eight presentations delivered that weekend between locations at SCS and Island Christian Church. Pastor Erdvig attended every single one.

He recently looked back on the event with satisfaction. “It was a stupendous success,” he said.

There were approximately 500 guests at the school Friday, including visitors from Our Savior, West Sayville Christian School, North Shore Christian, homeschoolers, and churchgoers.

Mr. Ham heard about SCS a parent, Mr. Mark Drzymala. The two men met a couple of years ago at Word of Life Bible Institute in upstate New York. Mr. Drzymala suggested that Mr. Ham come to Long Island, and his wish was granted!

Not only were students able to learn from Mr. Ham’s presentation, but teachers were able to learn new information as well.

“I learned just how much evidence there is for the world-wide flood,” Pastor Erdvig said.

SCS’ superintendent not only learned this from Mr. Ham, but Dr. Andrew Snelling also gave “amazingly detailed evidence” on the matter at a later presentation at Island Christian Church during the weekend, Pastor Erdvig said.

The event was an absolute success, and SCS hopes to have Mr. Ham back in the future.


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