Attempted Snack Cart Turns Out Unsuccessful

By Jocelyn Chatman

Many changes have been introduced this school year; one major change being the snack cart.

The snack cart was meant to be a small cart located in the annexes between third and fourth period. Students who had classes close to this location could purchase snacks there rather than going all the way down to the cafeteria. It was supposed to be a helpful amenity, but turned out to be less of a necessity than anticipated.

Students complained that the snack cart had less of a variety than what was usually offered in the cafeteria. They also struggled with the fact that they were unable to use their charge accounts due to the size of the snack cart.

For those reasons, students preferred going to the cafeteria to purchase snacks. Gradually less and less students visited the snack cart.

To boost funds going to the cart, administration offered the cart only on Thursdays. Still, no one was buying from the snack cart.

The administration decided it would be best to close the snack cart. Now all snacks are purchased from the cafeteria, during the seven-minute break, between third and fourth period every day.


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