Teacher in the Spotlight: Miss Holly Donahue


Photo by Jocelyn Chatman

Subjects you teach this year: 7th and 8th grade English

Church and ministries: I grew up in a little church that started in my pastor’s house and eventually became an Assembly of God. I’m now part of a nondenominational church in Lindenhurst. Ways I’ve been involved in my churches in the past have included singing and playing the keyboard on the worship team and teaching Sunday school.

How many years have you been teaching at Smithtown Christian School, and why teaching at a Christian school is so important to you and the students: This is my third year full-time at SCS, but before that I also student taught here for a year while earning my teaching degree. Teaching at a Christian school means being in an environment where we can talk anytime about what matters most in life. I’m not content if I’m not doing something to make a lasting difference, so when I get the opportunity to pray with students or share lessons God has taught me in my own life, it totally excites me and makes my day. It’s so valuable for kids and teens to be in a place where they’re challenged and prepared academically and spiritually to go out into the world and reach others with the truth.

Favorite teaching memories: Lots of students have brightened my day with hilarious comments and stories. Other moments would be students throwing a surprise party for me on my last day student teaching, secretly decorating my classroom for my birthday, and writing me encouraging notes. I also really value times when students drop by my classroom just to talk or to discuss and pray about challenges, because I feel so honored to be able to support them.

Favorite Bible verse:  And Jesus, looking upon them, said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” – Mark 10:27

Favorite music: I have a lot of different favorites, but some newer ones are Rend Collective, Sleeping At Last, and Aaron Keyes. When lesson planning, I like soundtracks and classical. I need oldies (Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra) once in a while, too.

Family: I’m blessed to have awesome parents and three younger sisters that I hang out with all the time. I have two adorable, funny grandmas and twenty-five cousins.

One thing in the world I could change, what would it be? Okay, this is difficult to choose…I’m cheating and saying whatever are the first things that come to mind. I’d make everyone have clean water and food (and toothbrushes, as silly as that might sound!), make teleportation possible so we could travel anywhere anytime, make more families strong and unified and help everyone experience joy, fulfillment, and peace that can only come through Christ.

Share something about you no one at school knows: Ever since I was really small, I have always loved to sing and worship God…it’s one of my very favorite things in the whole world. I also always wanted to reach others with the message of Christ. There weren’t too many ways I could do that when I was four or five years old, so what I did was this – I’d go into the backyard of my house in Sayville and sing songs about Jesus as loud as I possibly could, hoping the neighbors would hear me and accept Him. I want to be that bold again when God gives me opportunities!


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