Girls Varsity Soccer Team Strives For Greatness


SCS girls varsity soccer team huddles before game. Photo by Ashley Burke

By Caroline Painter

Smithtown Christian’s girls varsity soccer team is filled with talented girls who love nothing more than to play the game of soccer. They work hard as a team in order to succeed and glorify God.

“I enjoy bringing the girls up to the next level of the game, and I like to see them succeed after leaving Smithtown Christian,” Coach Steve Chandler said.

In preparation to win, the Knights typically begin practice with a warm up and stretch. After that, they do drills and practice footwork to get ready for their upcoming games. Lastly, they do a cool down.

There are 13 girls on the team this season. Every player has their own skills, and the girls are strong as a team. However, Christi Clinton (Senior), Chloe Drzymala (Sophomore), Rebecca Giancana (Senior) and Kristina Reuter (Junior) display specific skills to help the team achieve greatness.

In previous seasons, the team was made up more of exceptional players as a whole. The team this year is very young, and it needs to be more developed if they want to reach the same level of greatness.

At this point in the season, the Knights are 2-10 with only two more games left. They plan to continue working hard and growing as a team.

Coach Chandler has invested much of his time and energy into this program. Lord willing, he hopes to continue coaching for the years to come.


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