Dr. Heather Lee Leads the Elementary School

Photo Credit: www.learnwithscs.org

Dr. Lee is excited about her new venture at SCS. Photo by http://www.learnwithscs.org

By Caroline Painter

This year Smithtown Christian School is pleased to welcome a new elementary principal, Dr. Heather Lee.

Dr. Lee is beyond pleased with this opportunity as principal to guide students in a Christian atmosphere. She thanks God for giving her direction and discernment in her new position.

“I have always had a strong calling to Christian schools, and so after a lot of praying, I decided to become the principal at Smithtown Christian School,” Dr. Lee said.

This is evident due to the fact that Dr. Lee has been the curriculum coordinator for five years at Fredericksburg Christian School in Virginia. She also taught for nine years for second, third, fifth and sixth grades. When she moved to New York after getting married five years ago, she worked at Nyack College, a Christian college, as a part-time adjunct.

Due to these experiences Dr. Lee said, “I received a better understanding of teaching and how to help teachers with their lessons. I also received a better picture on how a school runs.”

Dr. Lee never imagined she would be a principal. However, she feels that God, being the most important thing in her life, led her here to do great things.

She plans to establish an environment at SCS where kids love going to school and feel safe. She believes that teachers should feel prepared and should know how to instruct any type of student. She also would love to gain trust with the students’ parents as well as have open communication with them.

“My biggest challenges so far have been learning everything about Smithtown Christian School and how it works. I am getting used to the culture. I am also learning how to prioritize my time,” Dr. Lee said.

Through these challenges, she mainly consults with the teachers, as well as prays for balance to accomplish what she needs to get done.

Dr. Lee concludes with these words, “I am in love with God and I am blessed with an amazing husband and daughter. I tend to work hard, so I rest hard. I also love to laugh and joke around and have good, real conversations with people.”

SCS is extremely thankful for Dr. Lee and all that she may do in her time there. May God continue to bless her and her family, as well as watch over them.


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