All Access Productions Presents “Speak Life” at SCS

By Caroline Painter

All Access Productions is a wonderful community filled with talented artists. They all have one common mission: to lend their voice to those who suffer in silence. Acting on stage for middle and high-schoolers all around the country, they portray students’ stories to make others aware of the gravity of bullying. They have a strong desire to change the culture of our schools and communities today.

Meredith Reed, former SCS student said, “We want to end bullying by teaching kids the power of their words. We encourage them to speak life to everyone around them.”

This organization began in 1996, when founders Daniel and Rebecca Burd had a heart to put an end to bullying in schools. However, the performing part of this production did not launch until 2008.

It is becoming more popular and continuing to touch many students’ lives.

The cast exclaimed “The hardest part of this is traveling and not being home for one, portraying a mean character for two, but most importantly it’s devastating to hear the kids’ stories and hardships.”

The cast often goes to the school lunch periods after their performance and they meet all different types of students. The kids are excited that All Access is there and All Access tries to set an example to the students by speaking life and living it out. Often the cast hears stories of students being bullied or abused at school and the students being either depressed, anxious, battling self-harm, or other destructive emotions and actions.

The actors and actresses of this team have an ambition to help those in need by being the best actor they can be. Before their performances, they often pray and try to remember that their character is a real kid somewhere who is fighting a battle of their own.

One thing we know for sure…one day can change everything for a child. It’s a matter of life and death,” say Daniel and Rebecca Burd on All Access’ website,


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