George Flores and Ben Damon Named SCS Student Body President and Vice President


Photo by Jocelyn Chatman

By Frank Fernandez

This year student government elections were as close as can be.  With three candidate tickets running for president and vice-president, many people were divided. Those three tickets were seniors Paulie Martin and Alisha Munoz, juniors Katey-Rose Redhead and Mary Maselli, and seniors George Flores and Ben Damon.

With a total point lead of only 16 points, Smithtown Christian School is happy to welcome George Flores and Ben Damon as its new school president and vice-president. Flores and Damon are both excited to lead this school in a good and God-serving direction.

George Alexander Flores has attended Smithtown Christian for seven years since the fifth grade. Flores decided to run for school president, because he felt that the school need innovation to make it a better experience for all who come in. He feels that he is the one to get the job done.

Flores and Damon went all out during the campaigning leg of their run. From fliers to Facebook, t-shirts to videos, there was not one person in the school who did not hear to vote for Flores/Damon. They both felt confident that on Election Day, they were going to win.

Flores and Damon have many ideas which they feel will help the school and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. One idea is to have two representatives, one male and one female, from each grade level in the High School and Middle School and sit in on the Student Council meeting bringing ideas and a new and connected view into the school.

George Flores wants to let the student body know that he will create a fun place for all students and make the 2014/15 school year one to remember.


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