Boys Varsity Soccer Team Plays With Greatness Until the End

Captains left to right: George Flores, Charles Bellini, and Tim Voisich.

Captains left to right: George Flores, Charles Bellini, and Tim Voisich.

By Ashley Burke

The boys varsity soccer coach, Mr. Pat Nieto, shares about how coaching this year’s team has been a great opportunity. He has been honored to teach the boys and mentor them this past season. He enjoys being able to teach the team skills for soccer as well as life.

The team this season was made up of 22 players. Among them were many talented and skillful athletes.

Seniors Charles Bellini, Timothy Voisich, and George Flores were this season’s captains. Charles Bellini is an increadibly gifted soccer player, and he has been a starter for five years now. Timothy Voisich, who played defense and midfield, has adapted well in whatever postion he has been placed in. George Flores has played goalie for four years, and does his job extremely well.

Junior Nikita Grob is a very talented player with great skills that will help next season. Senior Matt Dryzmala and junior Glen-Luke Middendorf have both worked hard and played incredibly well. Senior Ben Damon has come a long way throughout his time on the team and has proven to be a very hard worker. Each member of the team had a significant roll on the field.

This season the team worked better as a unit. They stepped up and filled in where they were in need and did a wonderful job. The whole team worked hard and carried themselves into the playoffs.


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