Soccer Standout Charles Bellini Leads the Knights

Photo by

Bellini, 10, during one of his junior games. Photo by

By Grace Rotolo

Since he was five years old, Charles Bellini has been a soccer star.

When he was in the eighth grade, he came to SCS as a new student. That same year, the soccer team gained a phenomenal player who would benefit its wins beyond belief.


Photo by Mrs. Eve Whitehorn

This year is bittersweet, because, although Charles gets to play another season, it will be his last for SCS. He starred as midfielder.

He has had 10 goals and 4 assists, and he played in League VIII.

When asked how it feels playing his last high school season he said, “It is really sad, but you have to move on. I am going to miss my teammates more than anything.”

Charles was also the team’s captain this year along with Tim Voisich and George Flores. The team looks up to him because he is a captain, and he is held to a higher standard of leadership.

His motives are God, his family, both of his grandfathers and, of course, his teammates. He is interested in playing soccer for college, but he still on the fence about it.


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