SCS Welcomes Two New Secondary Teachers


Photo by Jocelyn Chatman

By Grace Rotolo

Smithtown Christian is very fortunate to gain two new teachers this school year.

One of them is an SCS alumnus, Mr. Michael Troche, who graduated in 2008. When he attended SCS he hated it, but he eventually grew to love it. Mr. Troche, 24, is a new English and Bible teacher who loves his time working here.

“The people here are like family and are all very welcoming and genuine,” he said.

He was a student teacher two years ago for Mrs. Katie Landry, and he also student taught ninth-grade English at William Floyd. He has a good relationship with his students, because he is closer in age with them. He said he can connect better, and he can relate more to the generation and how everything works. Also, students can feel more comfortable coming to him than someone older because they know he will understand better.

His best experience so far was when he was teaching a class in eighth-grade Bible. “Yesterday was pretty fun,” he said. “I had flipped tables in Bible class to demonstrate Jesus’ anger in the temple with the money changers and tax collectors.”


Photo by Jocelyn Chatman

Mr. Joseph Poma, 29, is also a new teacher this year. He has been teaching high school and AP level math for six years, and he started when he was 21. Teaching at SCS is a little different for him than teaching at his previous schools. At the other school he taught at he had very close relationships with his students, and it was difficult for him to leave. However, he knew it was time for change.

He is starting to build relationships with his students, and they are slowly growing stronger each day. He loves the staff and says that everyone is easy to get along with and treats him very well. Each class that he teaches is enjoyable, and he loves his students although he is not too keen on his classroom location in G301, on the third floor where the math classrooms are located. He claims there are too many steps.

Mr. Poma is not only a new teacher, but he also was a first-year volleyball coach.

“Coaching volleyball was the best part of my day,” he said. “It’s what I looked forward to during my day, and I loved getting to know my students outside of the classroom. It was very exciting and fun for me.”

The JV girls volleyball team won four matches. He is encouraged about next year.


Mr. Troche teaches eighth-grade Bible. Photo by Rebecca Canosa


Mr. Poma teaches Algebra 2. Photo by Rebecca Canosa


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