Senior Kevin Erdvig is Awarded the Honor of Playing Trumpet in the All-County Band


Photo by Jocelyn Chatman

By Jocelyn Chatman

Twelfth grader Kevin Erdvig recently had the honor of performing with the All County Band. Erdvig, 17, started playing the trumpet at the age of seven. His father, Pastor Roger Erdvig, taught him the basics of the instrument. They would perform duets together in front of the family and enjoyed practicing together.

He began on his track to All-County band by participating in NYSSMA in the seventh grade. Completing the highest level and receiving high scores in NYSSMA earned him an invitation to play All County band. He was selected along with the best musicians in Suffolk County. The band performed ‘Hands Across the Seat’ composed by Sousa, Othello, and many more advanced pieces.

“I was surprised at first, but I was grateful for the opportunity to participate one last time before I graduate.“ said Erdvig.

When Erdvig graduates, he hopes to attend the University of Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. He has received a music and academic scholarship. He hopes to carry on the family tradition of attending this university. He does not desire to study music in college but will participate in the band at Valley Forge. He wants to pursue a career in digital media.

“It was an exciting and humbling experience. I would like to thank my father, my music instructor Mr. Salgado, and private instructor Doug Mendocha for instilling the desire to learn and excell. “


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