What to Expect this Season From the Boys Varsity Basketball Team


Photo by Ashley Burke

By Caroline Painter

The SCS boys varsity basketball team is ready to be better than ever this 2014-2015 season.

With 13 players on the team, Coach Dan Skaritka shares his goals for the season.

“I am hoping for our team to make the playoffs in back to back years, something this school has never done before in basketball. The ultimate goal is to win the Class D championship.” The team is in League 8, Class D.


Photo by Ashley Burke

In the beginning of the season, the team focuses on conditioning, running, sprints, and physical fitness in practice to get in good shape for what’s to come. As the regular season approaches, they tend to focus more on plays and drills to execute in the games. Once they start to compete regularly, they will review during practice what they did well in games and what they still need to improve on.

“This season should be somewhat similar to last season. We finished at a .500 record and made playoffs. Some teams in our league lost players but so did we”, said Coach Skaritka. The SCS Knights lost seniors, Corey Collins and Caelan McCabe, two valuable starters to the team.

The team however, will be looking up to their seniors this year. Cody Collins, a Forward at 6′ 3″, Connor McCabe, Center at 6’6″ and Charles Bellini, their Point Guard at 6’1″.

This year, the Knight’s biggest rival will be Bridgehampton. They will definitely be striving for the Class D Championship. They received a very good transfer student from Riverhead as well and have two returning top players.


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