SCS Recognizes Lieutenant Colonel Maxx Godsey at Thursday’s Chapel

By Caroline Painter

SCS was honored to hear Lieutenant Colonel Maxx Godsey speak about his spiritual life and his time in the Marine Corps at chapel on January 15th.

He informed the students about all of the different branches of the military as well as his favorite Bible verses that relate to his time in the Marines. He specifically mentioned Ephesians 6:10-18, which encourages believers to put on the full armor God so they can stand firm in faith in all situations. He brings up this verse, because he similarly needs to put on physical armor along with his spiritual armor when going to work every day.

“I joined the military at the age of 20, because I realized I needed more direction and purpose in my life; I enlisted in 1991. I chose the Marine Corps, because I wanted to be a part of what I thought was the most disciplined and challenging of the services,” said Godsey.

Lieutenant Godsey has served for 23 consecutive years in the military since joining in 1991. He has served on bases in Spain, California, Virginia, Japan, Iowa, and Afghanistan, sometimes with his family. He is still serving on active duty, and intends to serve until at least 2016, but he may also retire in the summer of 2016.

When asked how his service has affected his spiritual walk Mr. Godsey exclaimed, “I became a Christian as a young officer in 1998, but God had been leading me to Him throughout my earlier time in the Marine Corps, and so my spiritual walk has been only positively affected by my service.”

His faith has grown in wonderful and mysterious ways according to the Will of the Lord. God has used his experiences in the Marines to draw Godsey closer to Him in so many ways. His faith has prepared him to serve God in a tough world with confidence. Godsey is able to handle hardships physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually strong.

While being deployed for five months in Afghanistan in 2014, he did not return home at all during that time. He was able to communicate with his family and friends, however. In the Marines, five months is not considered a long period of time. His wife’s name is Laura, and he has four daughters. Elise and Ingrid are students at SCS, and his other two daughters, Moriah (7) and Anneka (5) are homeschooled.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my career! It has given me a profession, an education, travel, and adventure, and has made it possible to support my family,” said Godsey, in conclusion.

SCS thanks Lieutenant Colonel Godsey for his inspiring and touching words in chapel as well as his service in the military and service to God.


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