Students Display Amazing Projects at the Winter Art Show

By Rebecca Canosa

Photo by Rebecca Canosa

Photo by Jocelyn Chatman

Marisa Dulisse, chair of the art department, has been running the SCS secondary art show since 2006. This year’s art show took place on December 2 at 7:30 P.M, alongside the winter concert.

It is her job to set up tables, dividers, and hang up all the pieces.

Each student works on their projects for about two weeks before they are completed. Some of her favorite pieces by students include clay pottery and mosaic tiles.

This year’s art show received very positive feedback.

“I would say the feedback gets more and more positive with each year and each show that we have had,” said Mrs. Dulisse.

Over the year

Photo by Rebecca Canosa

Photo by Rebecca Canosa

s, Mrs. Dulisse has learned what pieces work for the students and what they enjoy doing. The pieces reflect their passion and hard work. She has also has figured out what pieces look best in the art show.

“I know that large colorful acrylic paintings really show off well, as do the mosaic tiles and the pottery,” said Mrs. Dulisse.

Portraits and recreations from famous artists are also hits at the art show.

The ultimate goal of the art show is to teach students to have a creative outlet and to make their own original works of art.


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