Boys Varsity Basketball Team Scores Again with Victory over Greenport

By Mary Maselli

The boys varsity basketball team has won their seventh game, overall (7-9), of the season. This is their sixth win in Suffolk League VIII (6-7), and the team is Class D.

SCS went head-to-head with Greenport High School Thursday, February 3, and the desired outcome was achieved. The final score was 71-56, making every member of the team very proud.

Team member Zach DiBlanda (junior) said, “[the game] was a collective team effort, and no one person stood out.”

This game was significant in particular, because it was what is known as “senior night.” Senior night is a tradition at SCS and takes place at the end of every sport team’s season. It is typically the last home game of the season, where the senior players on the team are shown special recognition.

The current seniors/captains on the team are: Charles Bellini, Cody Collins, and Connor McCabe. The trifecta was shown appreciation through special posters and support from the crowd.

The team has a game against The Stony Brook School Friday, February 6. This is a pivotal game for the team, because it determines whether or not they will advance to the playoffs this year. Regardless, the team has done very well this season, and SCS is proud of them.


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