Upperclassmen Enjoy an Evening of Fun at the Spring Formal

By Mary Maselli

Each year, Smithtown Christian School holds a Spring Formal for all students grades 10 through 12.

This year, the formal was held at Sunset Harbor Catering Hall in Patchogue.

On Thursday, March 19th, many upperclassmen gathered together for a time of food, laughter, dancing, and fun.

The night began at 7 P.M. as the young men and ladies filed in, dressed to impress. The room was quickly painted with the flowing of colorful dresses, and compliments rang in the ears of all those around.

Mrs. Sanicola, who coordinated the event, had the honor of crowning this year’s Prince and Princess. Seniors Daniel Sardesai and Chelsea Bauman were crowned as the honorary royals of the evening. They shared a special dance as onlookers gazed. Soon, many joined the couple on the dance floor, exuding pure joy.

Teachers and students alike awarded themselves a night of fun and relaxation at the Spring Formal.

The senior class, especially, anticipated the evening, as it was the final formal of their high school career. Sentimentality was spread across each of their faces.

By 11 P.M. the night had come to a close. Groups filed into cars, and friends went their separate ways.

It was a bittersweet ending, but students can look forward to the event again next year.


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