Middle School Science Fair is a Booming Success

By Mary Maselli


First-place winner, sixth grader Hannah Fioramonti. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Anna Fenimore (via Facebook)

The second annual Middle School Science Fair was an event where students were given the opportunity to display their knowledge and talents along with a little friendly competition.

The event was coordinated by Mrs. Brittany Austin, a key member of SCS’ Science Department.

Students spent valued time and effort on their well executed projects. Some displays included graphs, charts, and visual aids. A wide variety of topics was presented from magnetic forces to solar power, and even “what makes guitars sing.”


Third-place winner, sixth grader Ashley Swaner. Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Anna Fenimore (via Facebook)

The science fair, held on Wednesday, April 15, was a fun time for students, parents, and teachers alike. All were invited to view the displays in the Conference Rooms.

Although all projects presented were fantastic and worthy of recognition, specific winners were chosen according to grade.

The winners are as follows,

6th Grade

1st Place – Hannah Fioramonti
2nd Place- Andrew Erdvig
3rd Place – Ashley Swaner

7th Grade

1st Place – Kevin Waters
2nd Place – Kristian Manco
3rd Place – Hunter Markowitz

8th Grade

1st Place – Andrew Loiacono
2nd Place – Guiseppe Crilly
3rd Place – Alexa Weindorf

Congratulations to all who participated!


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