Tennis Overview for the 2015 Season

By Caroline Painter

The co-ed JV Tennis Team is excited for this upcoming season. With 14 players signed up, each player contributes to the team in their own way and every player is equally valuable.

To aim for success, the typical tennis practice includes warming up by stretching. Then, the teams runs as a group to Maple Park, where they use the local courts. Players then take their side of the court and just hit around for a little. They then practice hitting drills, or play full games. New coach, Mr. Joseph Poma explains, “one drill that many of the players enjoy is a game called “Jail”.”

The team has only had two matches so far due to the rain canceling two other scheduled matches. Unfortunately, the SCS Knights lost to Bellport (4-3) and to Sachem North (6-1.) As said earlier, there is no “top scorer,” but individual single player wins have been made by (sophomore) Justin Zuber, (junior), Kerry Li, and (senior) Kevin Erdvig. Kevin Erdvig also has had a doubles win playing alongside (sophomore) partner, David Hwang.

When asked what he is expecting from this season, Coach Poma exclaims, “I don’t like to speculate as to what our record could be, I like to take each match one at a time. The only thing I know to be true is that, in each match, the players always put forth their best efforts.”

The goal this season is to improve player development, because many players on the team are new to the game of tennis.

Coach Poma says, “new tennis players are prone to picking up bad habits early on in their effort to “just get the ball over the net.” I try to show them the proper mechanics, even if they may be discouraged by a few long balls or net balls in the beginning.”

Coach Poma seems optimistic and uplifting about this season, and those are exceptional qualities to have as a coach. Since this is his first year coaching he does not know what to expect, but he is excited for each and every match.

The team’s biggest rival so far appears to be Bellport. Bellport has beaten SCS once, 4-3, so the Knights are looking forward to seeing them again and, this time, getting the win they have prepared for.

The next game is Thursday, April 23 at 4:30 P.M. at the Stony Brook School. The Stony Brook School is located at 1 Chapman Pkwy, Stony Brook, NY 11790.


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