Elementary Concert Is A Booming Success

By Angelica Oommen

The Symphonic Band under the direction of Mr. Boris Salgado. Photo by Angelica Oommen

The Symphonic Band under the direction of Mr. Boris Salgado. Photo by Angelica Oommen

Through much hard work by both the students and teachers, the elementary concert was a major success.

June 2nd was an exciting day for family members and SCS students alike.

The night started off with a performance by the Tambourine Ministry lead by Mrs. Nicole Kelly. The students performed a routine to accompany the song, “God’s Not Dead.”

Next was a performance by the Middle School Concert Band, led by Mr. Boris Salgado. The songs were performed with a beautiful mix of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. They performed three songs throughout the evening: “Spania!,” “Brookpark,” and “Clash and Roar.”

Following the performance by the Concert Band was a beautiful performance by Soul Strings, the elementary orchestra, lead by Mrs. Eve Troiano. With accompanist Mrs. Kelly, the orchestra played the songs, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” “Reuben and Rachel,” “Abide With Me,” and “Arkansas Traveler.”

Senior Jordan Sanchez on piano, accompanied by 6th grader Jesse Pomé, performed a beautiful piece during the offertory, “Concerto in G Major.” The audience was moved by Sanchez’s proficient playing, and especially by Jesse, who played the viola with much adroitness.

Following the offertory, the elementary Symphonic Band took the stage and gave an energetic performance. Led by Mr. Salgado, they played the songs, “Hey Ho! Nobody’s Home,” “Skip to My Lou,” “Bells,” and “Achievement.”

Last but not least was a performance by the chorus, Rejoice!, under the direction of Mrs. Kelly. The students were accompanied by SCS alumna, Miss Grace Heaphy. She currently runs her own music school in Fort Solanga, known as Grace Music School.

The students ended the year with a great finish. Students, teachers, and families alike are all looking forward to the next concert with much anticipation.


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