Girls Varsity Soccer Team Anticipated to Finish Strong

By Grace Rotolo

Coach Steven Chandler is leading his girls varsity soccer team to success, this season.

This season’s team consists of 14 players. Each girl has incredible talent and a plays a special role. The girls are good, but as a group they are phenomenal.

This year’s team captains are senior Kristina Reuter and junior Chloe Drzymala. Reuter is the only senior on the team.

There are both returning players and new players this season. As a team, the girls are trying to improve skills to become more competitive.

Coach Chandler says, “I try to have them set personal goals and team goals because both are important in helping improve the team.”

The team is in league 7 class D. They are playing B, C, and other D leagues.

Last year’s seasonal record round-up was 2-12-0.

Many people may not know that this team is involved with an amazing organization called Kicks for Cancer. The entire organization has raised more than $80,000 collectively. They have a game and raise money in which they give to this organization to help fund cancer research. Last year, the girls raised $1,584.

When asked how the season is going so far, Coach Chandler said, “ It is going well. [I am] training the girls very hard and strengthening each of their skills. Their daily routine involves running and dynamic stretching. Specific drills are designed to help them to be successful for the next game. I try to maintain their health as well and prevent injuries. My main goal is to keep them mentally focused because everything plays off of that.”

The season’s new starters include: Kristina Reuter as Goalie and Midfielder, Chloe Dryzmala, Sarah Giancana, Julia Hughs, Mikayla Crosier and Alexa Weindorf.

The team’s biggest rivals are Stony Brook and Pierson. They are both very competitive teams, which the Lady Knights want to beat. Stony Brook is in the same locality, so they are probably SCS’ biggest rival.

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