Link is Helping Make Connections

By Kayla Boylan

Many new students in grades nine through twelve come into a new school feeling as if they have no one to talk to. Link is a program was designed specifically for that purpose.

This program was created to connect new students with established SCS students in order to make them feel at home. Link is a mentoring program that makes new students comfortable with their new school and draw the student body together.

As Mrs. Lauren Dellosso said, “This program is to have new students fully feel like part of a new family”.

Mrs. Dellosso heads Link alongside SCS Dean of Student Life Joel Maus.

This program has all new high school students and volunteer, reoccurring students participate in team games in order to build relationships. Some of these meetings take place on the soccer field, classrooms as well as in the gym.

Link is only for the first two quarters of the school year, meeting once every two weeks. Some topics they discuss in these meetings are bettering yourself, having faith, and how to achieve spiritual growth.

Some group activities include lowe-ropes courses, where they have to work as a team to get through the “spider web,” and also skiing where they have to work as teams to not touch that ground as they walk across the field on two blocks of wood.

This program, as a group, goes to sports games and cheers them on as a demonstration of school spirit.

When asked what his goal for Link was, Mr. Maus said, “To help new students become comfortable and to help students serve others.”


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