Student in the Spotlight: Caroline Cubells

Name: Caroline Cubells

Nicknames: Woobie, Red, Cungan Bungan

Birthday: January 10, 1998

Church: New Village Church in Lake Grove, NY

Youth Group: The Edge at Middle Island Baptist Church

Favorite Bible Verse and why: Habakkuk 3:17-19a “When the fig tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines; when the olive tree does not produce, and the fields yield no crops; when the sheep disappear from the pen, and there are not cattle in the stalls, I will rejoice because of the Lord; I will be happy because of the God who delivers me! The sovereign Lord is my source of strength.”

Happiness is seeing life from God’s perspective. Habakkuk was able to rejoice in times when he had nothing and felt absolutely hopeless because he understood that God was faithful. He looked beyond his circumstances to God’s guidance and strength. I love this verse because in every situation of my life, I can rejoice and have true happiness and joy because my God is faithful and will continue to deliver me through everything.

Favorite Biblical Hero and why: My favorite biblical hero is Moses. Moses had a speech impediment and felt that God could never use him to go before Pharaoh. However, through his weakness, God used him for a great and mighty purpose. He is my favorite biblical hero because he stands as an example of how God can use anyone. We may think we are weak, but we are strong in God. He has a plan to use us in mighty ways if we are willing to allow Him.

Favorite Christian Band/ Music: Shane and Shane. They are not only extremely musically talented, but the words to their songs are full of emotion and truly focus on all God is.

Hobbies: Playing the piano and guitar

Favorite Movie: I don’t have a favorite movie in particular. I enjoy Bollywood movies, horror movies, and sappy chick flicks.

Favorite Foods: I absolutely love artichokes and seafood.

Favorite School Subject and why: My favorite subject is science. I love learning about the complexity of life. It completely amazes me.

GPA: 4.0

Colleges you are interested in attending: My dream college would be Duke University but I realize that is impossible. I am interested in attending New York Institute of Technology, Stony Brook University, Seton Hall University, or Quinnipiac University.

Career Interests: Physician Assistant


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