Johnny Martin Receives Highest Ranger Award

By John Friedman

JMartin2The Royal Rangers (a boys scouting program) of Outpost 33, a boys ministry at Lighthouse Tabernacle in Central Islip, is honored to recognize SCS junior Johnny Martin for earning the highest award in the program.

Johnny Martin has spent all of his life working toward this goal. Ever since he was eleven years old he prayed that he could earn the Gold Medal of Achievement. Through years of hard work and self-discipline, Johnny achieved this award.

“Royal Rangers has blessed my life, I give back to it by serving on the national staff and couldn’t ask for a better ministry to be in. I encourage younger boys to keep growing in the ministry and earn their GMA,” said Martin.


The Gold Medal of Achievement is the highest award in the Royal Rangers Ministry. It is an award of honor and distinction; those who complete the requirements to earn it are looked upon with the same type of respect as those who earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Since 1964, when the GMA was awarded, less than one percent of Royal Rangers have earned the medal.  Only around 8,000 boys have been able to earn this award out of the millions that have been in the program. So congratulations, Johnny, for earning this esteemed award; keep up the hard work!


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