Undignified Hosts Spaghetti Dinner

By John Friedman

Spaghetti Dinner.jpg

Top Row: Elise Gosey, Andy Chen, John Friedman, John Martin, Kristen Pajkowski Second Row: Halle, Ariel Richard, Julia Varela Third Row: Julia Hughes, David Hwang, Daniel Hwang Bottom Row: Becka Martell, Hannah DeSantis, Chloe Drzymala, Kristina Reuter. Photo via John Friedman.

Undignified is an international missions team consisting of students and teachers from SCS led by Mrs. Nancy Bambino, Mr. Christopher White, and Miss Franshuas Rodriguez.

Undignified had its annual spaghetti dinner on Friday, Nov. 6 in the SCS gymnasium. This event is one of Undignified’s top fundraisers and supports the team as they travel to other countries.

This year, the team is going to Mexico to witness and share the love of Christ with the children of Oaxaca.

The team performed seven of the skits and dances they have been practicing since September. A highlight of the evening was the testimonies shared by Kristina Reuter, Rebecca Martell, and Kristen Pajkowski.

Between performances, team members were happy to be servers for the guests. Dinner consisted of appetizers, salad, pasta and meatballs followed by fresh zeppolis and cannolis.

The audience consisted of parents, family members, teachers, former team members, and SCS alumni. Everyone was very generous. The night was a huge success for Undignified.

Mrs. Bambino, who is the heart and soul of the team, shared this about Friday’s event: “One of the most highly attended pasta dinners with over two hundred people in attendance. Undignified raised $15,000, which was the second highest donations amount in the history of the event. Undignified members rose to the occasion and really became a team that night. All of the members showed true service with joy, enthusiasm, and skill.”

The entire team gives all the glory to God and prays that they will be a blessing to the children of Oaxaca.



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