Review of War Room

By John Friedman

“War is as old as human history,” widow Miss Clara says in the beginning of the movie “War Room.”

“We fight for power. We fight for riches. We fight for rights. We fight for freedom. “There always seems to be something to fight about,” she adds.

What does this quote mean, and how does it allure movie-goers? Even though exposing the reality of relational conflict, Clara observes, “Very few of us know how to fight the right way. We fight each other instead of recognizing our common spiritual enemy,” she says, “the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy.”

war-room.jpgIf we hope to thwart Satan’s schemes, to counter his cunning strategies to divide us, we will need a beefy battle strategy. Strategies that can come from people seeking God’s provision in their prayer rooms. Or, as Miss Clara calls it, her “war room.”

Main character Elizabeth Jordan does not know anything about spiritual places such as these. This real estate agent, wife, and mom is a Christian, but being prone to the problems in her life is tearing her apart. Especially when her biggest problem is the relationship she has with her husband, Tony.

Tony is a big shot sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. He brings in more money than his wife does. He makes all this money, barely having to lift a finger, while his wife is constantly on her feet, working to support the family. Tony does not have much interest in his wife. In the middle of it all, their daughter Danielle just wants the fighting and arguing to stop. She needs attention and love from her parents who are struggling in their relationship.

Miss Clara and Elizabeth meet when Miss Clara wants to sell her home. And while Elizabeth is trying to get the info she needs to sell her house, Miss Clara will not quit showing her that she cares more about her life than selling the house. Soon a friendship is formed, in which an older woman starts to mentor a younger woman who needs all the help she can get.


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