Mr. Roselle Succeeds with First Art Show

By Rebecca Canosa

Jim Roselle, the newest addition to the art department, put together his first ever art show this year. He previously worked with several companies, including American Express and a company he also ended up owning which was Colorano Covers. Throughout all his jobs, Roselle was responsible for the graphics department or, in some form, design work.

Roselle organized the art show by class and by project. Sixth grade through twelfth grade were featured in the show. Showcased were pencil drawings, paintings, a graphic design project, and photography.

Everyone who takes art at the secondary level had a piece in the show. In addition, three students who are seniors and taking Independent Studies, Chloe Gao, Helena Seo, and Jocelyn Chatman, as well as all students who are in the Art Honor Society but not presently enrolled in an art class that also produced artwork for the show.

“[The] turn out was great! Many families showed up early to view the artwork and there was a nice crowd who stayed after the concert,” said Roselle.

He also added that though this was his first art show, he would not change a thing.

 “I was very pleased with all aspects of the show!”


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