Review of The Good Dinosaur

By John Friedman


Photo via Pixar

Yet again Pixar has made another tearjerker film to make viewers ball their eyes out. The Good Dinosaur, directed by Peter Sohn, is stunning and you’ll definitely want a box of tissues to see this film. Many stars are casted in this movie such as Sam Elliot, Frances McDormand, Jeffery Wright, and Steve Zahn. The Good Dinosaur is about one dinosaur and his journey to discover himself.

The film follows Arlo, the youngest and smallest of his Apatosaurus farming family, who lives his life in fear of everything around him. He’s the odd one out in his family; not as strong as his brother, cunning as his sister, fearless as his father or as devoted as his mother. At first, his family accepts that Arlo’s different from the rest of them, but as time passes, they become frustrated with his inability to do even the simplest of chores. It’s during one outing, after Arlo fails to kill the critter that’s been stealing their winter food supply, that he ventures out of the farm with his father and disaster strikes. The movie continues on from there with Arlo finding out who he truly is and how to earn his rightful place in the family along with his companion Spot.

This film is fantastic and will be completely loved by the whole family. It teaches on how to be brave and to never give up even if everything seems horrible. This movie truly hits the emotional spectrum and will cause some tears to drop. So go and catch this great flick and bring the whole family!


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