Highly Anticipated Season for Girls Basketball

By Grace Rotolo


Captain, Caroline Painter, during a recent game. Photo by Grace Rotolo

Second year coach Teelah Grimes is leading the girls JV high school basketball team this year along with her co-coach Vinny Vetere.

This season’s team consists of nine players. Each girl has incredible talent and a plays a special role. As a team, the girls all work well together and encourage each other which is important when playing a sport.

This year’s captain is Caroline Painter. This is Painter’s second year on the team and is doing absolutely phenomenal. She is a role model for the other girls and tries to help and encourage in places needed.

There are both returning players and new players this season. As a team, the girls are trying to improve skills to become more competitive.

A typical day at practice consists of stretching and dribbling drills. As important as physical training is for this sport, it is equally important to be spiritually healthy and Coach Teelah makes sure of that. In the beginning of each practice, Coach Vinny or herself will share a devotion with the girls to pump them up and encourage them.

The top players this year are Caroline Painter, Alexa Weindorf, and Hannah Diblanda. These girls are very hard workers and are extremely dedicated to the game.

This year there are only two seniors on the team, Caroline Painter and Kristina Reuter. Reuter is new to the sport and the team and is doing great according to Coach Teelah.

The teams biggest rival is Pierson. Piersons players are incredibly talented and focused. Our team is hoping to beat them with flying colors.

Last season’s overall record was 10-1. The team lost two top players last year, Faith Schneider and Rachel Russo.

Coach Teelah said, “Both of those girls are incredibly talented and were phenomenal players. I was glad I had a chance to coach them and see their talent.”

When asked what her goals were for her team this year, Coach Teelah said, “My goal is to make these girls more competitive and aggressive on the court. I not only want to make them better players but better followers of Christ and remind them to do everything for Him.”


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