Wrestling Season Continues Strong

By Ashley Burke


SCS Wrestler Spenser Stein. Photo by Jocelyn Chatman

“Wrestling is unique in that it’s a team sport, but you can’t get help from fellow mates. Once the whistle blows, your’e on your own, and once it blows again, you’re back on a team. Your team prepares you to get out there on your own,” said wrestling coach, Michael Sinclair.

The JV team now has 20 players. Its practices are always different; there is no typical day. Many practices are hardcore and include activities like picking up pipes, lifting each other, and crawling across the mats. Other days, the wrestlers will practice different moves.

Sinclair expects the boys to be better wrestlers and to work harder than they ever have before, this season.

“My hope is that my boys won’t just learn how to wrestle well, but be an example to the student body, and the epitome of what we expect of SCS Knights, both in character and conduct,” Sinclair said.


JV Wrestling

9th grade:

Vincent Giancana

Peter Claudio

Guiseppe Crilly

10th grade:

Augustin Beas-Romero

Jacob Addeo

Jeremiah Parson

Michael Kosiba

Tyler Glut

Raymond Hong

Spencer Stein

Juan Pablo Carbajal

William Pinto

11th grade:

Jhair Alzamora-Martinez

Kyle Seok

Charles Wias

Joshua Bellinger

Richie Clinton

Giovanni Gregg

12th grade:

Antonio Collier


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