Book Review: Go Set A Watchman

By Frank Fernandez
In the family of novels by Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman is a charming novel set firmly in the shadow of its older brother To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Set about 20 years after To Kill a Mockingbird, the novel takes place in Maycomb, Alabama, and involves Scout’s annual two-week visit back home. Many things have changed since Scout was a little girl, including the town she grew up in and her aging father Atticus Finch, no longer the “juvenile desperado, hell-raiser extraordinaire” of To Kill a Mockingbird. Age, growth, and change play a central theme in the novel.One cannot talk about Go Set a Watchman without first comparing it to To Kill a Mockingbird. Although Lee wrote this manuscript first, she abandoned it with no intention of publishing it. It was not until the untouched manuscripts were discovered in 2014 that the book was to be published. With no effort to edit or change the literary dryness, it stands to say this book would not be as notable as it is, if not for the name of the author herself.

Although it hold no comparison to its predecessor, Go Set a Watchman, is certainly worth a read.


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