Insider on Miss Teelah Grimes

By Caroline Painter


Caroline Painter, Miss Grimes, and Kristina Reuter. Photo via Facebook

Miss Grimes, 30, was born on March 1 in East Meadow, New York. She was adopted, however, she is very close to her six biological siblings.

With her adopted family, Miss Grimes grew up in Middle Island with 19 siblings. Although she has many family members, and many spread about the country, she still remains very close to them.

“Family memories include playing video games, football, kickball, and basketball, family/community parties at the old Grimes Park, and building go carts. My parents encouraged us to play together and stay active. Today, when my family reminisces, we often share comical, endless memories that are often told by my brother Jason,” said Grimes.

In the Grimes family, there are seven girls and 12 boys, including her brother TJ who lost his life to muscular dystrophy.

Growing up, Miss Grimes played basketball but did not always dream of playing in college. She attended Longwood Senior High School, where she became an even more skillful basketball player. She received her first recruitment letter from NCAA Division I school, St. Bonaventure. She was only entering her freshman year of high school at that point but that is when she decided she wanted to play basketball in college.

After High School, Miss Grimes studied at Manhattan College freshman year, as well as played basketball. She transferred to Dowling College for the rest of her college career, because she felt their basketball program was a better fit for her. She also believed that playing basketball at Dowling afforded her with more opportunities to enhance her leadership skills.


Miss Grimes with her JV girls basketball team. Photo via Facebook

Miss Grimes got a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education/Social Sciences. She was also featured on the Dean’s List.

The Holy Spirit really worked in Miss Grimes to push her toward SCS.

“A friend promoted SCS to me and a few days later, I saw a posting for my current position. The Holy Spirit immediately prompted me to apply for the position.”

Miss Grimes has been working at SCS for almost four years now, and she is the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Pastor Roger Erdvig. She is also the Assistant Athletic Director at SCS.

She is well known around SCS for being the head coach of the JV girls basketball team. However, recently Miss Grimes left SCS to assist the Associate Athletic Director and Head Women’s Basketball Coach at the University of Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, as well as assist with compliance and sports information tasks at the University.

When asked what she hopes to learn from being at Valley Forge, Miss Grimes said, “I hope to acquire more knowledge about the general operations and management of a Division III athletic department. Further, I hope to learn more about coaching strategies, 3Dimensional coaching and effective ways to develop influential relationships with collegiate student-athletes.”

She plans to coach at SCS for as long as God has her there, however, her ultimate goal is to coach college basketball.

Her basketball team at SCS has had back-to-back successful seasons. Their record last year was 10-1 and this year’s was 12-3.

“I always had a desire to coach basketball, and I knew SCS had an open position when I applied for my full-time job. Coaching enables me to share my passion for basketball with student-athletes, while leading, serving, encouraging, and teaching them. My former coaches invested much time and energy in my life, so I’m grateful that I am now walking in their steps.”

When in New York, Miss Grimes attends Ridge Full Gospel Christian Church and lives in St. James.

Along with working at SCS, coaching at SCS, and interning at Valley Forge, Miss Grimes is working towards her Master of Science degree in Sport Management.

She loves her job at SCS and is grateful to God for it. She is hopeful and optimistic as she journeys to Valley Forge. She hopes it will be a huge learning experience. She will be interning there for a total of 10 weeks, then return to her job at SCS.


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