Making New Strides in the Spelling Bee

By Mary Maselli

Spelling Bee.jpg

Photo via Facebook

The SCS spelling bee is a highly anticipated event each year, especially for elementary students. This year’s bee was significant in the fact that 3rd and 4th graders were allowed and encouraged to participate for the first time.

According to elementary principal, Dr. Heather Lee, the 3rd and 4th graders, “were very excited.”

The spelling bees for grades 3-8 were held on Tuesday, February 23 in the school auditorium.

Elementary classes attended the bees to watch and cheer on the participants. The top winners in the 5th – 8th grade bees have been invited to compete in the Long Island Fellowship of Christian Schools Spelling Bee on March 17

SCS Spelling Bee 2016 Winners


  1. Jayden Rivera
  2. Kailyn Desir
  3. Leanna Hsu

4th Grade

  1. Kianna Dorce
  2. Ava Pierre-Pierre
  3. Iris Osei-Boah


  1. Summer Bloom
  2. Nina Lutke
  3. Anna Hendricks


  1. Sally Ahn
  2. Hannah Fioramonti
  3. Armonis Romeus

On March 17, the following students will advance to the spelling bee at West Sayville Christian School: Summer Bloom, Anna Hendricks, Sally Ahn, Hannah Fioramonti, Armonis Romeus. SCS wishes them luck!


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