Students Prepare for Junior Bible Quiz

By Kayla Boylan

For three years, SCS has competed in an Assembly of God Bible tournament called Bible Quiz. This competition started back in 1950 and is a nation wide program for youth discipline. Kids of all ages and places are invited to sign up to compete, reciting Bible verses. They have three sections: Jr, middle school and teen. If teams get far enough, they can make it to regionals.Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.01.46 PMThis year, the teen and middle school groups have placed first in the LI/NYC section, which means they are progressing to larger districts. In the first week in April, they will be upstate competing.

SCS has been involved in JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz) since 2013. This group consists of 3rd -6th graders. This section has three teams, which have three to six students on a team. They are given cards which consist of scriptures, Bible trivia, and doctrine based questions they have to memorize.

When competition time comes, they compete and are tested on these cards. The JBQ team practices every Thursday after school for two hours. Some of their competitions have been in New York City and even at SCS.

The middle school section has been participating for two years. This group of kids studies the first ten chapters in a different book of the Bible at a time. This year they have to memorize the first 10 chapters in Acts. This requires them to use critical thinking and their knowledge to quote portion of scripture. This group practices on Mondays for two hours. The middle school group has made it up to regionals, but they unfortunately did not take home a win.

The last team is the teen group. This group of kids consists of grades 6-12. They have been competing at this level for one year. This group is at a much more difficult level and has to memorize all of Acts. They have traveled as far as Pennsylvania to compete.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.01.25 PM

“Traveling to tournaments is a highlight for the teams,” said Mrs. Erdvig, who leads the teams. They participate in Gobblefest, in the fall, and Friendship Classics in January. These tournaments help kids create new friends and meet other people who love and have an interest in what they do.

Their tournaments can last up to two days, and each 30-minute round has twenty questions.The questions consist of 10, 20, and 30 point questions. This Bible tournament was started by SCS’ own, Mrs. Erdvig. She did competitions with the Assembly of God in high school and wanted to start it in SCS. She wants the kids to achieve discipleship, learn memorization skills, and to be able to hide God’s Word in their hearts. This builds character and helps exercise the kids’ brains.


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