Review of Batman V. Superman

By John Friedmann


Batman V. Superman theatrical release poster. Photo via John Friedmann.

Batman V. Superman is an epic battle between two of the most popular superheroes we all know and love.

This film, directed by Zack Snyder, displays the tension between the ‘Man of Steel’ and the ‘Dark Knight,’ both played amazingly performed by Henry Cavill (Superman) and Ben Affleck (Batman). Also staring Amy Adams as the notorious ‘Lois Lane,’ Gal Gadot as the fierce ‘Wonder Woman,’ and Jesse Eisenburg as the sinister ‘Lex Luthor.’

Now, the movie in my opinion was amazing and had a great storyline for an extreme comic book lover. Here is the problem though… I would not advise for kids under 14 to see this film due to some of the content shown. In one scene, you see one of the characters in a tub relaxing and a woman in the background in bed, knowing that Clark Kent is not married. Also, many references to Superman being a god or God himself were strung throughout the film. It was a big turn off if you actually watch the movie, but from all the action going on, you don’t think about it too much.

Nonetheless, the epic fight between the two superheroes is so well directed and the easter eggs just had you hanging on the edge of your seat. This movie was just the start for the rest of the movies to come in the near future. So get ready and start studying up on some superhero knowledge for what is to come.

So, if you are a huge comic book nerd such as myself, go and catch this flick before it goes out of theaters. And remember- watch responsibly, and have a good time.


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