Families Gather at Grandparents Day

By Kayla Boylan


(From Left to Right) Magally and Raul Chappell with their granddaughters Sabrina (fourth grade) and Valentina (twelfth grade). Photo by Kayla Boylan.

Grandparents Day is a highly anticipated event at SCS each year. This year’s celebration, filled with family and fun, was held on May 4th. This day is set aside to thank grandparents by spending time with them in classes and treating them to a special lunch.

Grandparents Magally and Raul Chapell were eager to visit their eleven year old granddaughter, Sabrina, in her fourth grade class.

Magally came to America from Peru on vacation in the sixties. Raul immigrated from Peru to work and study for a better future. They both met in their twenties while in New York, and they quickly fell in love. They are now 71, married, and living happily in queens.

This is Magally and Raul’s first year attending Grandparents Day. They were very excited to visit Sabrina’s school, see their grandchild and experience the festivities.

The day offered plenty of opportunity to reflect with their grandchild. Their favorite memory of Sabrina is watching her play with her dolls, care for her stuffed animals, and encouraging her dream of wanting to become a vet.

“She is a terrific, sweet, outstanding girl,” said Raul and Magally.

The pair is eager to return for this fun-filled day next year!


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