Senior in the Spotlight: Christopher Kemp

Chris Kemp Spotlight.jpg

Christopher Kemp. Photo by Jocelyn Chatman.

Name: Christopher Kemp

Nicknames: Chrissy-Bear, Clark Kent, Master brawler, Killer Kemp

Birthday: March, 25,1998

Church and Youth Group: Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle and the Green Room

Favorite Bible Verse and Why: Philippians 4:13 (NKJV), “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” [This verse] has helped me through the toughest times; through depression, anxiety, etc.

Favorite Biblical Hero and Why: David is my favorite Biblical hero, because he was always pushed down and looked down on, yet this small boy killed Goliath and became king.

Favorite Christian Band/Music and Why: Casting Crowns: I love their music, how humble they are, and how they speak God’s word.

Hobbies: Reading, MMA, singing, and card collecting.

Favorite Movies: The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Grace Card

Favorite Foods: Spanish rice and beans, lasagna, and chicken alfredo.

Favorite School Subject and Why: Bible, because I love to learn anything and everything about God.

GPA: 3.6

Colleges You are Interested in Attending: Farmingdale University and Hofstra University.

Career Interests: Law, prosecutor, or criminal defense attorney.


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