Secondary Concert Ends on a Good Note

By Angelica Oommen

After months of hard work by students and teachers alike, the spring concert turned out to be a huge success. On May 16, hundreds of family members poured through the doors of Smithtown Christian School to enjoy what the students had to offer.

The evening kicked off with the combined middle and high school Promise Singers, led by Mrs. Robin McCourt. The group performed its rendition of “The National Anthem.

Immediately after the chorus, the Heart Strings took the stage, led by Mrs. Eve Troiano. They performed “Farandole,” “It Is Well,” “Russian Sailor’s Dance,” and “Concerto In d minor for two Violins.” For this piece, the crowd was wowed by senior soloists Yeson (Daniel) Hwang and Timothy Smith.

Following Heart Strings, the Middle School Promise Singers sang “A Joyful Song,” and “Here is Music For You.” During the Interlude, freshman Rebecca Tomasino played a piece, “Rhapsodie,” on the piano.

Joyful Noise, led by Mr. Boris Salgado, was next. They performed the pieces, “Torch of Liberty March,” “First Suite,” and “Elements.” Later on in the night, the Jazz Band took the stage, which consists of select members of the Band and Orchestra.

Soloist Nick Fenimore left the crowd speechless with his saxophone solos in “Watermelon Man” and “That’s All.”

The high school Promise Singers ended the night. They sang, “A Psalm,” “Venga Nel Nostro Coro,” “We Are Many Parts,” and “Kuimba!” an African song. This song consisted of percussionists, Steven Ascari, Gyuhwan Choi, and Jiachen Xu.

After their performance ended, the middle school Promise singers joined them and sang “With A Song.” Siblings in the chorus held hands as they sang. The night ended with their rendition of the well-know song, “We’re All In This Together” from the movie High School Musical.


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