Why Ghosting Is Wrong

By Caroline Painter


Breaking up with someone takes a lot of courage. It is not easy and just because the relationship is over does not mean that everything is settled. However, the proper way to end a romantic relationship is to tell the person directly face-to-face. Ghosting is the term used when an individual completely disappears and never officially ends a relationship. All contact is stripped, leading to no closure. It is becoming so popular in this day and age, but does that make it acceptable?

“I think that if you are in a serious relationship with someone, it is necessary to have closure and to talk things out before you part ways,” said Kristina, a senior in high school who has never been ghosted but has been in a relationship that came to a close.

Kristina expressed passionately what she thinks is right to do in an intimate relationship that is not working out. She believes that the correct way to stop the connection is to come to a mutual agreement and know where each person stands.

Valentina, a girl in the same situation as Kristina said, “Being ghosted must be terrible. You are left wondering and overthinking. The whole situation makes you worried, depressed and upset. You also must begin to question everything and believe the person still has feelings for you.”

Why must people “ghost” other people? Eventually, those who ghost will most likely be ghosted back. Maybe then they will realize what a terrible thing they are doing and it will force them to change their ways. Communicating in person is old school and outdated in today’s society. If ghosting becomes the only way to break up with someone, it will lead to more serious and complicated issues.

“People who ghost are horrible human beings and they have no manners. They have evil intentions and are selfish,” said Valentina.

Many teenage girls can agree that if the boy they are seeing romantically is dangerous or threatening, they would ghost him for their own safety. This is a reasonable situation to ghost someone.

“People ghost out of fear. They do not want to talk about the issues present in their relationship. They also do not want to have to see the other person upset or angry when they tell them that the relationship is over. Instead of facing it, they just disappear to avoid confrontation,” said Kristina.

Ghosting is an unfortunate way to be dumped. If a person is mature enough to be in a romantic relationship, they should have the decency to officially end the relationship.


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