See You at the Pole, a Memorable Experience

By Ghessell Horam

Why at the flagpole? The students who originally initiated See You at the Pole realized that nearly every school as a flagpole which is an easily identifiable place to gather and worship.

See You at the Pole (SYATP) began in 1990 in Burleson, Texas starting in one youth group soon spreading across the nation. It is an annual gathering of students in the Christian faith for a time of worship in the morning before school.

When students were asked about their impressions on SYATP some thought it was nice to pray together with teachers and students alike. It was viewed as a time to have everyone come together and offer up their prayers and thanks to the Lord. One new student thought the experience was empowering. Another student, Hannah Erdvig, spent her early morning time dutifully helping to make pancakes that were sold for only a dollar.

Mr.Matthew Troiano, a Bible teacher at our school who was also there, commented that he loved it. It was his first time seeing it at a Christian school and hearing students pray was powerful, and it inspired him to pray as well.

See You at the Pole is a time for students and teachers and simply members of our Christian community to come around and reflect with their peers, and to offer up prayer of thanks and worship to our Heavenly Father. It provides time for healing, while people can grow and learn. This is why See You at the Pole is such an important part of Christian school life.


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