Blackfish: A Documentary About One of the Ocean’s Greatest and Scariest Predators

 image1Killer Whales are the ocean’s predator. Photo via Google Images
By Rick Nappi
Staff Writer

Blackfish is an intense documentary about nature’s true predators, the Killer Whale.

The film which came out in 2013 and was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite reports how Killer Whales are taken away from their home, and how the corruption in places like Sea World takes place. The movie brilliantly shows how Sea World tries to hide the danger of training with these killer creatures. They work in making it seem family friendly, when in reality it is extremely dangerous and cruel.

The entire movie is simply breathtaking. Before watching this film I laughed at the thought of being afraid of a Killer Whale, but this movie caused me to see the danger in their nature. The film shows countless accidents of trainers swimming with the whales and shows how unpredictable a Killer Whale can truly be. There have been countless deaths and injuries that took place while training the whales, but sea world continuously tries to cover it up as being the trainers fault. Overall the film is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough to someone who as ever thought of a Killer Whale as cute, or sea world as a fun place.

Despite the movie being a documentary, which usually has a common notion of being boring, it is extremely interesting and eye opening. If you have any interest in sea life or corruption in sea world or even a water park, I highly suggest you go and watch it, as it is currently on Netflix.


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