The Poem Corner: “Specks of Light”


Sami Scarito loves to write poetry. Photo by Abi  Losardo

By Sami Scarito

Jagged lines of bright gold stab into the dirt

Figures dashing and cowering, avoiding possible hurt

Everything is deeply cleansed by a downpour of rain

Strange that nature itself is conflicting the most pain

Twisters tear upon small communities and towns

Destruction and terror seem to be the only sounds

Specks of light sneak in from behind darkness and gray

The rooster still crows, it is the beginning of a new day

Cries fill the streets, hearts break with loss

Above the debris, hangs a suspended cross

Hopeful voices whisper like echos among scattered stone

Composed of broken power lines, the irony was clearly shown

A symbol of hope, inspiration spread like wildfire upon each heart

Determined to rebuild every single brick, they began to start

One young teenager spread the news, “God is with us”, he said

In every hardship and trouble, in every sadness and dread

God will stay by you, holding your hand

He promises, everything will go as planned.


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