SCS Soccer Super Party Was Super Fun for All

By Ghessel Horam
Staff Writer

journalism pictures by CAT 039.JPG

Boys soccer team prepare to face their opponents at soccer super party. Photo  by Ghessell Horam.

The feeling of excitement laced the air, and the anticipation was palpable. The SCS boys soccer team went through warm-ups on the home field as hot dogs and hamburgers were sold in tents located in the senior parking lot area. The game with Port Jefferson began at 4 p.m. and the crowd swarmed the sidelines, food tents, and face-painting and pumpkin painting areas at the Soccer Super Party recently.

In the first half of the game, the Knights were losing 1-0. However, the game was not over. After halftime, SCS recovered and came back with brute force to score two goals and win the game 2-1. The crowd erupted.

journalism pictures by CAT 034.JPG

SCS students have fun while attending the soccer super party. Photo by Ghessell Horam


The pep band, led by Ms. Gabriell Miller, the first-year band teacher, piped brassy music at the players while Mr. James Roselle egged on the crowd. Growling stomachs were satiated by copious amounts of food for cheap prices.

At halftime, the messy pie eating contest featuring six students against six teachers began. The object of the contest was to find a M&M buried at the bottom of each pie. But there was an unexpected twist. There wasn’t one M&M in any of the pies; however, the teachers were aware of this before the game, and brought their own M&M’s to drop into each of their pies. The teachers won.

At 6:30 p.m. the game and all the festivities came to a close. It was an exciting experience and it was an extremely uplifting thing for us to win the game after previous losses. The SCS family went home with happiness in their hearts.


Mrs. Whitehorn and Mr. Buttacy compete in pie eating competition against students. Photo by Mr. Miguel Pagan.


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