The Poem Corner: “Wanders”

By Jeanna Sellers


Photo Via Jeanna Sellers

 Do you ever feel like you’re constantly changing? You are realizing and accepting more things. Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast, and your friends who told you that they would stick around; just mentally and spiritually left you? We can somehow always replace God and forget him because we’re so caught up in our own life that we forget to call on him. We put our hope and understanding in people, hoping they won’t disappoint us but they do. Sometimes, we even put it on ourselves, but sometimes we can’t trust our own judgement and we need to seek God.

I can’t help you noticing the way I used to be

That cheerful girl without a doubt is happy as can be

No worries or fears

Cause she knew God was near

But over the years hope faded

And the trail of fear became near

Holding up barely with the strength of a branch shaking in the wind

God cries to show me how much I’m hurting him

But I’m too stubborn and hold on to my beliefs

As the rain fades away so does my faith

It’s like I’m locked in a cage

With the sound of a presumptuous kid

Reiterating how forgotten I can be

But that’s just my thoughts

I’m an open book with very little features

Little too read little to see

I do whatever it takes

Not to seem like a child going to waste

They swarm around me questioning if I’m okay

They grab my hand as a swift chill comes about

And ask why am I so cold

But I don’t share, I don’t tell a soul cause some people

Wouldn’t understand the poetic madness in my soul

I can taste the bitterness like a warhead of change as people come and go

Without a thought in mind; without a thought to say

I question my faith because if I believed

I would see;

See past the wilted trees and the dying world

See past the rain that never leaves

People would stay not leave

All alone in this broken world

Can bring so much damage to a girl

Dying day by day

Searching for the answers I was told to believe

But wheres God

Why do I feel like a lost bird trying to find his friends

Where is he

Why isn’t he running after me

But I’m too blind to see he’s standing right next to me

Holding me carefully


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