Boys Soccer Captains Provide Their Insights

By Abigail LoSardo
Staff Writer

Boys Soccer.jpg

Boys soccer captains Brandon Weindorf and Richie Clinton pose for a picture. Photo by Eve Whitehorn 

What keeps the SCS boys soccer team energetic and motivated? It may seem like a mystery, but soccer captains Brandon Weindorf and Richie Clinton told of how they work with the team, striving to keep a sense of unity and strategy at all times.

Both Brandon and Richie, who live in East Northport, have been playing soccer since they were four years old. Starting the game at such a young age allowed both of the boys to perfect their craft. Brandon’s soccer career began as a result of his father who simply loved the sport. Eventually, Brandon grew to feel the same way. As Richie grew up he had a passion for baseball, however he possessed more skill in soccer. This year Brandon played defensive center mid while Richie played left fold back. Both Brandon and Richie agreed in saying their favorite part of playing soccer is the chemistry they share as a team by working together and staying humble. The team appeared to be a direct reflection of the positivity and hard work both Brandon and Richie displayed. Brandon describes himself as a devoted, skillful, and passionate player along with describing his team mate Richie as focused, level headed, and also passionate. When asked about their greatest success as soccer players Brandon said the following:

“From the teams perspective I’d say standing united and playing possession over kicking and running, which sounds easy but it’s not.”

   Richie also followed up by saying good morals and staying hopeful were what was most important this season. Lastly Brandon and Richie offered their advice on what it is they did to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.
“The word I would use is dedication, that is key. Running on a constant basis, staying in shape, working on foot skills which can be tedious, but if you don’t have dedication you shouldn’t expect to develop. Honestly our whole team is dedicated , thats why our team is building chemistry and theres more cohesiveness between us.”
-Brandon Weindorf
“Have an ambition to achieve a goal and want to pursue that no matter what happens to the team or you personally. You can be injured and that could be a setback or lose a game occasionally and that could be a setback, but you have to have the ambition to show up to practice everyday, to give it your best during practice and to give it even more during a game.”

Richie Clinton

The future looks bright for both Brandon and Richie. Brandon is planning to attend Messiah College next fall to pursue a career in engineering. Richie is planning to attend either Farmingdale State College or Suffolk County Community College next fall to pursue a career in the music industry. Congratulations to both Brandon and Richie for yet another successful season, SCS was lucky to have you both as captains for the boys varsity soccer team this year.


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