Co-Captains Rely on Experience to Guide Their Girls Soccer Team

By Ashley McDonough



SCS Girls Varsity captains. Photo by Ashley McDonough

Chloe Drzymala and Sarah Giancana served as senior captains on the girls soccer team, which recently ended its season without a win. Nonetheless, they were amazing leaders both on and off the field and earned their statuses as captains. Chloe and Sarah shared who they were as players, and how their journeys affected them throughout the years.

Chloe, 17, says that she has been officially playing soccer since she joined her intramural league in third grade.

“I’ve been kicking around a soccer ball since I could walk,” she said.

When Chloe saw how much fun her siblings had playing soccer, she said, “[I] had to get in on that jazz.”

Chloe has been playing soccer for a total of ten years, five of those years on Smithtown Christian’s varsity as a midfielder and two-year co-captain.

When asked what type of player she would describe herself as, Chloe answered confidently saying, “I would say I am a tactical player. I enjoy the chemistry of soccer.” Finally, I asked Chloe where she plans to attend college and if she wishes to continue playing soccer throughout the next phase of her life. She says she is currently undecided, but is considering Molloy, St. Joe’s, and Farmingdale and conveys that she would absolutely love to play soccer in college.

Sarah, 17, has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old. From the very beginning, Sarah has felt that her parents have been her biggest inspiration for her soccer career. “They are the ones who started me in Smithtown Kickers when I was only in Pre-School,” said Sarah. Overall, she has been playing for thirteen years, and five of those years have included her playing on Smithtown Christian’s varsity team alongside her co-captain Chloe. Sarah currently plays as sweeper. She tends to identify herself as “the encourager” of the team. She is constantly voicing out praise or constructive criticism when needed. When asked where she plans on attending college, Sarah made clear that she was undecided, but had options such as Messiah College or even St. Joe’s on her mind. Although soccer has been such a huge part of her life, Sarah has chosen to discontinue her soccer career in college. When asked why she felt it was time to let go she replied by saying, “It saddens me to say that since soccer has been part of my life for so long. Weekends were always devoted to games and tournaments. I know it will be hard to leave the game behind, but I am ready to start a new phase in my life.”

Both Chloe and Sarah have been assets on the team for so long, and they will be greatly missed in the seasons to follow. Their influences on the team will always be remembered, and the time and effort they have put in will forever be evident in the hard work put forth by the underclassmen that they have trained up.


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