Unique Spiritual Emphasis Week Kicks Off Year

By Ashley McDonough



Jeff Eichenlaub (left) and Green Room Worship Leader Andrew Muller sang and praised God during Spiritual Emphasis Week. Photos by Eve Whitehorn

A feeling of reverence resonated in the air. Eyes were opened as Pastor Ben Schneider preached to a sanctuary full of vulnerable hearts. While people cried tears of renewal, the message being conveyed brought breakthrough to those who surrendered those to the goodness of the Lord. In those few moments the students of SCS caught a glimpse of what the presence of God is truly like.

This year Spiritual Emphasis week took place from Sept. 27-30. The first two days consisted of an hour of worship as well as a message at Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, while the last two days held full-day festivities including physical activities and small groups along with the classic message and worship at both SCS and SGT. The first two days included speakers such as our own Mr. Matthew Troiano and Living Word Pastor Doug Jansen.

Then, Thursday was the kickoff for full-day Spiritual Emphasis. The day started with worship and a message from both Emma Ort and Craig Muller followed by small groups. After time was spent talking with small group leaders the school wide activity began.

Spiritual Emphasis Activity.jpg

The next day Pastor Ben and Pastor Mike Lawver were the speakers. Pastor Ben’s message pierced the hearts of many.

Freshman Loraine Asimbaya said, “Ben Schneider was the best.”

Although many enjoyed certain parts of Spiritual Emphasis Week, some believed that it just felt like any normal week of chapel. Ninth grader Samantha Glut, “They should have the whole week, two days wasn’t enough.”

There was even contradiction between the addition of small groups. Some believe that small groups take away from worship and the messages, while others found it to be a source of safety and a way to vent their feelings or spiritual issues.

Overall, Spiritual Emphasis seemed like an amazing week filled with the evidence of the Holy Spirit. SEW was a great way to set the tone for the year and to prepare student’s hearts for what is to come.



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