The Poem Corner: Savor

By Stella Crocitto

Photo via Google Images

Savor every moment you have in this world,
cause you will never get it back.
Every second that goes by gets added to your
archive of memories.
There is no stopping the earth from turning
when you need to rest your legs,
life slows down for no one.
So savor the books that you have yet to finish
cause you save them for rain days.
Savor the uncontrollable laughter with your best friend
at things only you would understand.
Savor long hugs with your mom on the tip of her toes
while she holds in her tears realizing you’re not her little baby anymore.
savor it all.
Because as they say, bad times will pass,
but what they sometimes forget to mention is good times will too.
Life does not come with a remote,
there is no rewind button,
or a place where you can press pause
so you have a second to soak it all in.
There’s none of that,
the key is to just be present.

Live now, and think later.


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