Senior in the Spotlight: Steven Ascari

Steven Spotlight.jpg

Steven Ascari. Photo by Eve Whitehorn


Name: Steven Ascari
Nickname(s): Steve, Steveo, Saucy Steve
Birthday: December 6, 1998

: I attend Church Unleashed in Commack. (
 <— is this important/helpful idk) I actually have been volunteering at my church for several months now doing their weekly announcement videos as well as any other projects they have for me.
Youth Group: I have been attending The Green Room for the past seven years now, ever since sixth grade.
Favorite Bible Verse: My favorite Bible verse is found in 2 Timothy 1:7. It reads, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” One of the biggest struggles as a teenager, especially one that is about to head off to college, is that so many times it feels like the world is always against us and that we have no place to fit into this vast and crazy world. Knowing that God would never give me a spirit of fear reminds me that every situation I find myself in is ordained by His plan for my life and I should always remember that if God put me somewhere, I can get through it no matter how tough it may seem.
Favorite Biblical Hero: I’ve never really thought about this question before, but I supposed I could say my favorite Biblical Hero would be Paul. Reading about his transformation from Saul into Paul really shows that anyone can change and should always be given a second chance, no matter what their past has spoken about them.
Favorite Christian Band/Music: My favorite Christian Band would probably be Hillsong Young & Free. I don’t regularly listen to music outside of instrumentals but my favorite songs at church and youth group are generally always from Hillsong Young & Free.

: I honestly don’t have that many hobbies anymore, mainly due to all the work I have to get done for school and church now. I used to love playing video games (mostly Nintendo stuff because I grew up with those games) but nowadays my only real hobby is editing videos. I guess you can also say part of that hobby is learning about what makes a good movie? Anyways, yeah, I love editing videos and I’m always challenging myself to learn new tricks to really make my work look as professional as possible. 
Favorite Movie(s): My favorite movies would probably be Inception and Interstellar, which are both directed by Christopher Nolan. Both films are completely captivating for the entire duration and definitely makes the viewer constantly guessing what the heck is going on. Both of these movies are so confusing but that’s exactly why I love them.
Favorite Foods: My favorite food is most definitely Steak because you know, according to Mr. Maus in our “Man Chapel” from a couple years ago, “Real men eat steak.” But seriously, I just think it tastes great when cooked correctly especially with a side of steamed broccoli.
Favorite School Subject and Why: Hands down my favorite class of the day is Video Productions. Since the class is taught by Mr. Chandler, as well as it only being myself, Cameron Prezzano, and Andrew Syrek, we all have a super chill time everyday but also do a ton of sweet projects not only for our own enjoyment but also to benefit the school. (Just look at those Chapel videos!!)
GPA: I believe my overall High School GPA has been a 4.0 cumulatively. I say “I think” because Math wasn’t the hottest last year…
Colleges I’m Interested in Attending: I’m only interested in attending Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. I’ve known since 8th grade when I visited with my brother!
Career Interests: Well I’m pretty sure everyone is the grade knows this already, but just in case anyone doesn’t, ever since around 9th grade I’ve just known I wanted to pursue a career in filmmaking. Whether that be editing, filming, directing, or producing, I just want to do something in that field. I would love if one day I can have my name appear in the credit reel of a big Hollywood blockbuster film.
Compiled by Abi LoSardo

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