A Taste of Victory


Students cheering at the SCS homecoming. Photo by Chloe Drzymala

By Ashley McDonough

The air was filled with excitement as the SCS student body gathered in the gym. The smell of nachos, churros, and fries lingered as everyone waited with bated breath for the basketball game to start. When 4:30 pm finally came around, the boys JV team was ready to make Smithtown Christian School proud.
It was Smithtown Christian versus McGan Mercy. No one knew who would take the cake, but the entire crowd was there for one reason and one reason only: to see an SCS win take place.
The game started with anticipation and tension, but as it progressed, it became very clear who the winner was going to be. After a tough hour and a half, the game had finished in a cremation of McGan Mercy by the SCS team. The boys were able to take the win for Smithtown Christian, and on that night each and every student was more than proud.
Aside from the game, the rest of the night was extremely fun. Half time shows/games took place while many alumni were able to come back and visit the school they practically grew up in. The entire night was a time for fun and memories, while others could come and reminisce about the good old days.
As the night ended and people prepared to go home, everyone left with hearts and appetites full of happiness, food, and sweet victory.


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