Advice Column: Dating in High School

By Rick Nappi

Staff Writer

Dating in high school, is it really worth it?

Many high school students go through crushes and begin to date while in highschool. Too many students dating in high school with the idea of their high school sweetheart being their future husband/wife. In the end the final question is, is it really worth it to date in high school? My personal advice would be no, dating in high school is not worth it. While it may feel great when you’re with someone, once you breakup it becomes awkward and you’re in a bad situation. High school relationships rarerly ever last until marriage, and all it ever does is stir up drama for students.
Students need to understand that when it comes to high school, your schoolwork and friends should come first, not your crush. Students throw away so much in school for their crush simply because they believe that their crush is their future spouse. I’ve seen countless situations where students have ditched their life long friends for a boy/girl that they eventually break up with months later. Students sacrifice so much for a temporary partner and it only makes it more difficult to go to school and be awkward around friends.
Students need to understand that while dating is fun in high school, it comes with a lot of backlash that isn’t necessarily worth the heartache. If you’re dating in high school just to date, then you are acting foolish. You should only date if you can see a future with someone; you should always date to marry. Dating in high school can be a great thing, just make sure your intentions are right and you aren’t making any mistakes.



One thought on “Advice Column: Dating in High School

  1. I think you’re right. High school is the stage where one is still in adolescence period and everything you feel is caused by hormones. The mind can be just as clouded, and one still has to learn a lot of things in life than just love and dating.


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